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Apex Rbx2

Strain Type: Hybrid 50I/50S
Genetics: Lilac Diesel #10 x Mandarin Cookies
Breeder: Ethos Genetics
Taste: Orange, Grape, Sweet Berry
Aroma: Candied Lemons, Citrus

Description: Apex Rbx2 is known to bring an uplifted mindset with mellowing body effects, and often that classic “stony” laughter. Patients have reported this cultivator to provide a clear, but powerful, punch that emerges with strong flavors of candied lemons, grapefruit, and orange. The cross of Lilac Diesel with Mandarin Cookies combines for a unique feeling of inspirational creativity and calming relaxation.

ApexRBx2 cannabis strain flower

Average Terps

  • Delta-Limonene, 0.174%
  • Beta-Caryophyllene, 0.156%
  • Beta-Myrcene, 0.109%
  • Alpha-Humulene, 0.106%
  • Limonene, 0.105%
  • Caryophyllene, 0.103%
  • Beta-Pinene, 0.04%
  • Alpha-Bisabolol, 0.039%
  • Caryophyllene Oxide, 0.035%
  • Linalool, 0.034%
  • Terpinolene, 0.014%
  • Alpha-Pinene, 0.01%

Total: 0.924%

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